Gemtex® is the exclusive manufacturer in the world for Trim-Kut® discs. Trim-Kut® is a revolutionary abrasive disc designed to grind and finish a wide variety of materials faster and cooler than any other abrasive disc available today. The patented process of fusing premium abrasive grains to a durable polymer backing results in a highly versatile grinding tool that requires no backing pad. Trim-Kut® is readily trimmable to either renew the cutting surface or reduce the diameter. Trim-Kut® discs are available in 3" and 5" for use on a drill or die grinder and 4.5" for use on an angle grinder. These durable discs can be used for grinding or sanding. Another major feature is that the discs can be trimmed. When the outside edge is loaded to the point where it is not grinding effectively, trim it off.

•Vibration Free Balance   •Revolutionary Trim Down Feature    •Cool Running Action     •Unique Flexibility    •Tough Super-Polymer Backing.    •Lightweight Safe Design